Supervisor Submission of Projects

This page is for potential supervisors to submit projects.

When a student applies SAMS will forward you the application for you to communicate with the student.

To open the submission form and send us your project, please click HERE.

For full information about the research platform, how it can be used and what to expect when you submit a project, please click HERE.

The form contains:
Supervisor Name
Project Title
Project Type e.g. Audit, Case report, Clinical research project, Lab based research project
Project Description Please provide a short description of the project (<100 words)
Research Area
Role Description Please briefly outline what will be required from the student and how they will be accredited e.g.
Putting data into the database from multiple hospital record sources. Analysing data output to answer a number of audit and research questions about patient survival, quality of life, success of procedures and operator performance.”
Available to e.g. all medical students; clinical year students
Student Requirements please indicate if you require students with a specific skill set/ knowledge base
Project Duration
Weekly Time Input Required
Project Location
Number of Students Required
Date when this project should no longer be advertised   
How would you like to hear about potential students?
If successful, is there the potential for this project to develop into a BMedSci project?
Does this project require Ethical Approval?
If YES please state if this has been completed. If NO please briefly state why this project does not require ethics.
Other information.

Please contact SAMS with any questions.
Thank you!