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SAMS works with the University of Sheffield staff to provide students with as many opportunities as possible to get involved with research.

These pages help staff and students connect to work together on short and longer projects.

What is the research platform?

We designed this research platform to allow students to get involved with research throughout the academic year in Sheffield. We hope that these opportunities will enthuse students about medical research and encourage participation in the BMedSci program, as well as providing additional opportunities for those with a keen interest in a research career to further develop their research portfolio.
Typically these projects are such that the students would only be required to spend small amounts of time on the project each week (e.g. 3 hours a week) which will enable students to participate in these projects even whilst on placement or during lecture weeks.

This research platform is supported by the INSPIRE fund from the Academy of Medical Sciences.

How do I get involved?

Descriptions of research projects will be listed on this website. An application form will need to be completed for each research project you would like to get involved in. Students will only be able to take part in one short duration research project at a time.
Students will be required to be give feedback after the project has finished. This will enable average supervisor feedback to be included with project descriptions to give interested students an idea of which supervisors have provided successful projects in the past. We strongly suggest that you ask your supervisors for feedback which can be used as a demonstration of past performance for your CV.
If you are a supervisor and would like to submit a new project for consideration, please click here. If you would like more information about the research platform and what offering a project involves, please contact us at 
Unfortunately, neither the students nor project supervisors will receive any extra funding for these projects.

Find a Project

Please have a look at all the projects currently on offer. Use the apply button to fill in the google form. The supervisor will then contact you if you are successful. Please contact SAMS if you have any problems.

We currently have projects in a number of areas:
When you apply for a project, the same google form will open each time. The application form can be found here.