About Us

Sheffield Academic Medicine Society (SAMS) was founded in order to raise the awareness of and promote participation in medical research among students, by facilitating the free exchange of ideas between University or hospital staff and students. Whilst a primarily student led society, we are fortunate enough to have support from senior members of the Medical school, including Professors Ian Sabroe and Dr Oliver Bandmann.

The aims of the society are:
  • To raise the awareness of and enthusiasm for a career in academic medicine at Sheffield Medical School
  • To develop a research platform to enable student participation in the medical research that is carried out in research groups throughout the university.
  • To develop avenues by which students can take steps towards a career in academic medicine by providing opportunities to build a research orientated portfolio and acquire fundamental research skills and understanding. This will be achieved by:
    • Active management of the research platform in order to maximise its efficacy.
    • Delivery of educational workshops to enable undergraduates to develop their understanding of research and a basic research skill set.
    • The provision of educational resources such as on research methodology, statistics and how to present your work.
The society is supported financially by contributions from the National Student Association of Medical Research (NSAMR) and Sheffield’s MedSoc, whilst the INSPIRE scheme runs in parallel with similar aims and input from this society.

Committee 2017-18

President: George Fowler
Vice President: Reem Abdegalil
Secretary & Website: Sarah Sobka 
Treasurer: Akanksha Sinha
Careers Rep: Ahoane Qureshi & Sonali Patel 
Research Reps: Nicola Simpson & Dimitra Limnatitou 
Workshop Coordinator: Rye Yap
Publicity Rep: Thomas Franchi